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Grow the Biggest, Stickiest, Smelliest, YUMMIEST Buds You've Ever Seen!

Big words and we're prepared to stand by our claim. We know a secret that will light you on fire! And we aren't just blowing smoke. ;)

New NHanceBud is the perfect plant nutrient concentrate. It's safe, natural, good for you and the environment, and capable of doing the work of multiple products so you don't have to keep using a separate one for every stage of growth and development. It stops common problems and transforms them into positive benefits and enhancements. Best of all, it's incredibly easy to use (hassle free!) and surprisingly affordable. Your cannabis plants will thank you with NHanced results!

What exactly is NHanceBud and what does it do?

  • NHanceBud is a specially formulated plant energy booster that produces a large amount of bio available energy and high metabolic activity that is immediately transformed into growth.

  • NHanceBud contains a full complement of activated organic compounds not found in regular plant foods or fertilizers with the ability to send regulatory signals or catalysts to produce synchronized and accelerated growth with any type of water.

  • NHanceBud enhances mineral nutrient uptake and transport in your plants. Active carbon technology facilitates the conversion and biosynthesis of complex secondary aromatic compounds.

  • NHanceBud enhances metabolic growth, promotes flower development, stimulates fruit swelling, and enhances essential oil production.

  • NHanceBud is a natural fungal inhibitor. It is safe to spray on your plants from start to finish.

  • NHanceBud, when used properly, lessens and can even eliminate the need for additional pesticides.

  • NHanceBud also encourages beneficial microbial activity in the root zone.

  • NHanceBud fuels prolific blooming while enhancing the flavor of herbs, fruits and vegetables in your garden.

  • NHanceBud actually nourishes soil in a garden or pot, and is also ideal with hydroponic and other growing media as well.

  • NHanceBud has the threefold purpose of facilitating the uptake of nutrients within the plants, dramatically increasing the actual size and weight of floral clusters, and leaving a sweet smooth taste in the finished product. No additional bloomer or sweetener needed!

Don't take our word for it; hear what other growers have to say...

Used your product last year and am using it again this year. I really like the way my cannabis plants look and smell; so much healthier and vibrant with way bigger colas and a sweeter smoke. And I even forgot to flush before harvest last year! You were right, NHance.
Jason - Omaha, Nebraska

I found that when I used NHanceBud on my medicinal marijuana plants I really cut my costs down by not having to use a lot of other fertilizers and amendments. I had a bigger yield with better smoke, too!
Tom - Marin, CA

Yo, NHance, I poured your product on the plants I am growing in pots outdoors and within 5 minutes, and I am not exaggerating; hundreds of ants, mites, pincher bugs and these other weird-ass black and red bugs came pouring up and out of the soil running like hell for greener pastures. This was my first application so I'll keep you posted on my plants progress. I'm sure I'm going to have my best garden ever if this was any indication of what NHanceBud can do!
Will - Windsor, CA

We're not kidding, you will be blown away!

So, if you're sick of spending hundreds of dollars on all of those expensive and confusing fertilizers, nutrients, etc.; always wondering whether or not you were really getting your monies worth in results...

If you're tired of dealing with perennial problems like fungus, pests, or droopy and sick low performance plants...

If you're looking to grow the biggest, healthiest, most vibrant plants you could have ever imagined with accelerated growth, prolific blooming, and enhanced flavor...

If you want to do it all naturally, without the use of chemicals and with fewer fertilizers...

If you'd like to be in a state of awe during every phase of plant growth beginning with seed germination, the vegetative stage, budding, flowering and finally ripening...

You gotta try NHanceBud!

Don't be a dope and wait until everyone else is already enjoying the best smoke of their lives! Start using NHanceBud and give the plants you have right now a shot in the arm to create "uber buds" today!

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This product is intended for legal medical growers - qualified patients, primary caregivers or co-ops or collectives - who cultivate marijuana in compliance with the Compassionate Use Act (Proposition 215). The Authors/Owners of this web site & its products do not buy, sell, trade or distribute marijuana in any form. Please check your state of residence for applicable medical marijuana laws.

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